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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), consists on the execution of repetitive tasks by means of a software that imitates the behavior of a physical person.

The processes are carried out by a software robot that operates at the user interface layer and replicates the steps of a human being.

The ability to undertake complex processes with the intervention of multiple environments and applications is the fundamental difference with the traditional API (Application Programming Interfaces) that interact between two applications and in one layer below the graphical interface. In fact, as part of their tasks in a typical RPA flow, a robot can call an API, fill it in, and complete the process.

There are many tools available to carry out this task, our experience both as consultants and as users has led us to bet on the UIPath solution.

UIPath allows us to emulate all the tasks performed by a person in front of a keyboard:

  • Send, receive and interpret emails.
  • Extract structured and semi-structured information from pdfs, emails and forms.
  • Validate with username and password in applications, web pages …
  • Perform dynamic queries in databases.
  • Create, modify, rename, copy, paste or delete files.
  • Transfer data between different applications.
  • Complete forms on web pages.
  • Extract data from web pages (Web scraping).
  • Perform calculations

All these elements allow us to program robots that execute business processes autonomously without human intervention.

In summary, RPA is the last link in the chain of digital transformation of an organization, it reaches where the rest of the integrations do not, in the detail.

It is a non-invasive technology, which does not modify the existing technology, but makes use of it, and optimizes it.

Relieves  the work force of repetitive tasks, gives a powerful tool, a technological assistant that performs the most tedious repetitive tasks and allows you to dedicate your time to provide value.