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Business management
Oracle E-Business Suite is the most complete business application in the market, as it is a reliable, modular and scalable ERP solution, which is why it is used by the most competitive organizations in the world.

Oracle E-Business Suite integrates and relates the data generated by different departments to provide valuable information about the performance of the organization around the manufacture of products or the offer of services; the relationships with customers and suppliers; the evolution of costs and revenues; and above all the profitability of the business. In addition, it models information according to logical modules, and can be configured according to the nature and needs of the company. business management

Oracle E-Business Suite efficiently organizes in modules all the information generated by the areas of Finance, Sales, Marketing, Production, Logistics, Supply Chain, Order Execution, Purchasing, Services, Maintenance, Product Life Management, Projects, Human Resources, and Business Intelligence, among others.

Oracle E-Business Suite

  • Provides greater ease and speed to perform tasks such as:
    • Consult strategic information in a timely, integrated and coherent manner.
    • Generate global reports of the company or departments.
    • Analyze scenarios with respect to a business decision.
    • Share information among the different departments.
    • Create databases of customers and suppliers.
  • Obtaining as benefits:
    • The possibility of having real and current vision of the company.
    • Better decision making based on relevant information.
    • The automation and optimization of the company’s processes.
    • The reduction of operating times and costs.
    • A better quality in the elaboration of products or the rendering of services.
    • Less time in the placement of products and services in the market.
    • The reduction of inventories.
    • The increase in sales.
    • Better customer service
    • The traceability of the operation of the company.
    • Greater speed and quality in the issuance of reports

Strategic Planning and Tactics

Our Assessment service on the ERP E-Business Suite is designed to provide our clients with a clear vision of the current state of the ERP, through the generation of reports with highly relevant information, in fundamental aspects such as:

  • Automatic generation of configuration documentation, style BR100
  • Directly compare multiple instances of the E-Business Suite, identifying the differences that may exist, which allows a quick overview of the changes that may arise after the execution of the process. Example: application of patches.
  • Compare operative units, books or sets of books, in one instance or cross-sectionally in several instances.
  • Compare the configuration of different versions of the E-Business suite after a migration or re-implement
  • Identify and analyze customizations / Customizations to determine the impact during a migration / patch
  • Analysis of the impact of a patch – prioritize tests in the areas directly affected by the patch
  • Creation of configuration copies at a specific date (baseline), allowing the generation of reports and comparisons of the historical configuration.
  • Complete change tracking audit
  • Present complex data in simple reports based on contexts, allowing to simplify the administration of the system
  • Multiple report formats, including HTML, Word, Excel, XML.