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Oracle Database Server

As suppliers of Oracle solutions, we offer the leading system in the business market for database management, and which is recognized in the industry for its robustness and stability to support transactions, its adaptability and scalability according to the needs of the business, and its ability to integrate multiple platforms.

Your company has our knowledge and technical experience to provide you with the following services related to databases:

  • Installation and configuration of Oracle RDBMS.
  • Tunings
  • Migration (platform and versions).
  • MAA schemes (RAC + Dataguard)
  • Hardware planning
  • Backup and Recovery (RMAN). Monitoring (Grid Control)
  • Security
  • Replication
  • Administration and tuning of VLDB

We also provide support services such as:

  • DBA maintenance
  • APPS DBA maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance of applications. Perfective application maintenance