Entrust Consultores: Global services for Oracle

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Costa Rica, Venezuela, United States y Spain

Business Trajectory

Our Story

Entrust Consultores is a company dedicated to the provision of consulting services, technological services and outsourcing. It was incorporated in Caracas, Venezuela in the year 1997, it has moderately expanded its operations to 5 countries, in order to have greater geographic scope in the provision of our services.

The lines of business of Entrust Consultores, give attention to the clients in the areas of consulting, technology and subcontracting outsourcing.

Consulting: Focus on management consulting, the design work of the production process and the application of technologies to business. Improvement of sales, delivery and leadership.

Operation: Most focus on outsourcing commitments in the areas of business operations, IT, application development and maintenance, technical support services. Within the framework of some subcontracting agreements, internal customer teams can be “rebaptized” as employees of Entrust Consultores aligning with this workforce. Sometimes they work in consulting projects or as internal teams of the company.

Training: Entrust Consultores is the Oracle Approved Education Center (OAEC), an authorized center to provide certified Oracle training, in our training rooms this service is delivered with the associated facilities.

1997Beginning of operations
ENTRUST, Oracle’s Platinum Partner, with more than fifteen years of experience in the market, began its activities in 1997 in Venezuela, expanding to several countries in the Americas.
2002Chile Office
Chile is a country of opportunities that is in evolution and development. Currently occupies the 41st position in the world, of the best countries to do business. Entrust with transnational clients in Venezuela, with branches in Chile, greatly influenced the start of this operation
2007Costa Rica Office

Costa Rica a country cataloged in more than one opportunity as the happiest country in the world according to the Happy Planet index. This report measures three things: the well-being that the inhabitants of a nation say they have, an excellent option to expand our operations to Central America.

2012U.S.A Office

According to reports from world consultants, outsourcing currently represents a fundamental business strategy among US companies; At least 80% of companies subcontract their information technologies, before this opportunity Entrust starts operations in U.S.A with the objective of strengthening our support business line.

2016Spain Office

Spain is the European country most akin to Latin American countries, given the historical and cultural ties that unite us we are closely linked to its history, added to the growth in the technology sector with a growth of 5.3% in 2015, according to data provided by Computing Spain, made Spain our first European branch.