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Accounting Hub


  • Capture Business Events that require accounting.
  • Transforms Transactions into accounting entries according to business criteria.
  • Create and apply Accounting Rules in a graphic and agile way.
  • Processes Multiple Origins (systems, companies) with a centralized accounting logic.
  • It allows the Audit and Accounting of the detail of the daily entries of the accounting entries.
  • Generates Multiple Accounting Representations (NICSP, PGCN, IFRS, etc).

Use cases:

  • Adherence to the legal regulations. (PGC, IFRS, etc).
  • Representation of the same accounting information in different books with varied structures.
  • Centralize the accounting information for the acquisition of multiple companies.
  • Centralization of accounting generated in different systems before the incorporation of new companies.
  • Capture and transformation of information from transactional systems that do not generate accounting by themselves.

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